Encouraging Bible Verses and Quotes: 21 Promises from the Psalms

The need for encouraging Bible verses is real. Sometimes we come to the end of what we feel can be done...we're discouraged and we need the Lord to speak to us.

I've taken 21 encouraging Bible verses from the Psalms, titled them accordingly, and provided a short commentary on each.

My prayer is that one of these encouraging Bible quotes will be just what you need, a promise of what the Lord is doing for you in the midst of whatever you face.

Click on each of the encouraging Bible verses to get the full text as well as short commentary on the meaning of the verse:



You shall prosper...(Psalm 1:1-3) You shall have hope...(Psalm 16:8-9) You shall have joy...(Psalm 16:11)
You shall be delivered...(Psalm 18:19 You will be rewarded (Psalm 18:20) You will receive mercy (Psalm 18:25)
You will be strengthened...(Psalm 27:14) You will be blessed...(Psalm 32:1) You will not fear...(Psalm 34:4)
You will be provided for... (Psalm 34:9-10) You will have peace...(Psalm 37:11) You will be led...(Psalm 37:23-24)
You will have strength in troubled times...(Psalm 37:39) You will have the Lord's ear... (Psalm 40:1) You will have answer to prayer...(Psalm 55:16-17)
You need not be afraid...(Psalm 56:11) You will receive power... (Psalm 68:35) You will not be afraid of night...(Psalm 91:5)
You will not stumble... (Psalm 119:165) You will be preserved from evil...(Psalm 121:5-6) You will draw close to God (Psalm 145:18)

God uses His word to speak directly to the situations we find ourselves in. I'm a big advocate for physical reminders of encouraging Bible verses.

The Hebrews were masters of this, developing traditions that placed not only encouraging Bible verses but also verses that were central to their life and faith on their doorposts.

The use of Bible verses in this way provided constant, visual reminders of the centrality of the Lord and his kingdom before them. The spirituality that resulted was not some ethereal head-in-the-clouds dream; instead it was a walk with God that brought the kingdom of Heaven into everyday practice.

There's nothing mystical about this. You can benefit also from placing physical reminders of God's kingdom around your home or work place. Encouraging Bible verses are a great way to do this.

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