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Aren't you hungry for more?

There's a quiet, mustard-seed revolution among those who desire to authentically follow Jesus.

They're excited about uncovering Jesus the Rabbi, weary of man-made church, and yearning to learn and walk in his right now movement called the Kingdom of Heaven.

One Person... No other man has so profoundly influenced the world as Jesus of Nazareth. His brilliant teaching, startling deeds of healing, and authoritative claim for all to follow Him as Saviour and Lord are but a mere part of the depth of the person of Jesus the Messiah. Followers are seeking Jesus again as the cornerstone of their lives and faith.

One Book... The Bible is the best selling, most influential, most richly written book of all time. Yet because it was written in cultures so different from our own, and in a land different from most of ours, it can be difficult to discern. But followers today are learning the true context of the scriptures and finding them come alive with a vibrancy they never imagined!

One Way... When Jesus taught from the Scriptures, He taught as "one having authority" not at all like the religious teachers of the day. Aren't we all hungry for teaching like that again? Followers are re-discovering Jesus' teaching as the freshest, truest, and deepest reflection of what God intended. In a world where so many claim their own interpretation of the Scriptures, Jesus offers a refreshing call to follow His "yoke" from One uniquely qualified.

One Person. One Book. One Way.

It's my mission... to help you follow the one Person and discover what it means to know and worship Him authentically and cast off the shackles of shallow, hypocritical Christianity, and to live the one Way and find it really is the best way to live.

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