Jesus Wallpaper: The Man, the Messiah

Developing each Jesus wallpaper was a highly spiritual experience for me. It's easy to treat Jesus as a "theological idea" and forget that He was a historical, real man who walked on this earth two thousand years ago as a brilliant teacher, amazing healer, beautiful Savior, and reigning Lord. (Each Jesus wallpaper opens in it's own window for your convenience)

I studied a lot of pictures to produce the best Jesus wallpaper. Many of the pictures of Jesus were either highly spiritualized and unreal or showed pathetic quality. (Article continued below)


And then I found Rembrandt.

And was moved. Spiritually.

Rembrandt had a gift for portraying Jesus and many other Biblical figures in stunning and earthy human reality while showing something special; the pictures of Jesus seem to say, "there might be something more than just a man to this one called Jesus."

Stephen Cook says,

"Rembrandt's profound insights into human character met the emotionalism of the Baroque period. The combination allowed his genius to flourish and produce the image of Jesus that is still accepted by many as the "real" Jesus, an agreed-upon image that is seen as both comforting and incontrovertible."

I quietly sat still after finishing the stranger on the road to Emmaus wallpaper. For me, the call to listen, learn, and follow Jesus, to have Him sit at my table, to recognize Him as He really is, strengthened my desire for Him.

(Update: I've just found more pictures of Jesus worthy of your desktop to inspire with emotion-laden, deeply felt free Christian wallpapers. Thanks to Luc Freymanc for helping with these new wallpapers. The images on the lines drawing are (c) Luc Freymanc, all rights reserved.)

I hope these free Christian wallpapers will help inspire you everday.

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