Inspirational Bible Verses: "Blessed Are The Peacemakers..."

Among inspirational Bible verses originating from that passage of teaching that we call "The Sermon on the Mount." At the beginning of this section in the gospel according to Matthew, Jesus "sits down" to teach, in the rabbbinic style. One of my favorite inspirational Bible verses because of it's rich meaning contained in that word 'peace...'

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God. Matthew 5:9

Jesus' central theme to his ministry was that of the kingdom of God...a force which was breaking in upon the world through the ministry of Jesus and His followers.

In this so-called Sermon on the Mount, Jesus is teaching His followers how to live as a part of this dynamic and powerful movement.

We often misunderstand this verse because we fail to understand the Hebrew voice behind it. Jesus was not speaking English, nor Greek, but rather Hebrew. (Though the gospel is recorded in Greek for us now...and yet, there is evidence it may have been written in the Hebrew tongue originally.)

At any rate, Jesus, as a Jew, would have been using the word shalom for peace. This re-orients the whole meaning of this inspirational Bible verse. For us, the word peace usually means the absence of conflict. Shalom, for a Jew, was much more. It was the presence of wholeness, completeness, even healing.

To have shalom in a marriage is not then merely the absence of fighting, it is a marriage that has everything God intended it to be...unity, love, romance, harmony, belonging, etc.

To have shalom in a life is a live that is put-together, full, rich, and abundant as God intended it.

To bring shalom means to bring healing and wholeness, to lives, people, the world. To bring shalom would mean deliberately looking for the shattered, the hungry, the lost, the down-trodden, and to act in such a way as to change the feed, to liberate, to raise up.

So when Jesus calls on His followers to be "peacemakers," He is calling them to be the ones to bring healing and wholeness to a broken world.

The sages of Israel even had a concept word for this: Tikkun Olam...literally, "repairing the world." And the repairing of the world was accomplished as we obeyed God and followed His word, which incidentally, reveals that God cares a lot about the hungry, the poor, the imprisoned.

In fact, in one passage, Jesus decides that those who are a part of the kingdom of God are those who brought food to the hungry, comfort to the imprisoned, help to the sick. And this is the criteria he uses. Check it out in Matthew 25:31-34...and fit that into your theology....

Start being a healer. Today.


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