Free Christian Wallpaper Instructions

1) For PC: To enjoy your free Christian wallpaper, right Click the picture and choose "Set as Wallpaper" from the pop-up menu. Or alternately, "save as" and save to desktop.

Then, from the Start menu, select Settings: Control Panel: Display: Background (or in Windows XP, from the Start menu, select Control Panel: Appearance and Themes: Display: Desktop), then choose a picture (right-clicking the desktop, and choosing Properties: Background - or Properties: Desktop in XP - from the pop-up menu, is another way to get to this control panel).

2) For Mac: command-click, choose "Save As" and save to desktop. go to System Preferences (on the Apple menu) and choose Desktop & Screen Saver (in Personal): Desktop (control-clicking the desktop and choosing Change Desktop Background... from the pop-up menu will also get you there),

then click Choose Folder... (in the left panel) and select the folder in which you saved the picture. Click the picture in the right panel to display it as your desktop background. Recent versions of Mac OS X also provide options for displaying different pictures at different times.

Enjoy your free Christian Wallpaper!