Encouraging Bible Verses: You Shall Be Delivered

From our encouraging Bible verses, this scripture teaches us of God's delight in us and provision for us.

The LORD dealt with me according to my righteousness; according to the cleanness of my hands he rewarded me. (Psalm 18:20)

Commentary on this Encouraging Bible Verse

Beloved, God delights in you. The primary relationship that God desires with His own is that of a Father. He loves to delight in you, to bear you up, to cherish you, to hold you, to correct you in love, and to rescue you when you are in deep waters.

All of our fathers were imperfect, and perhaps yours was more imperfect than most. But understand that God is not that way. Relearn the perfect love of God.

When God's kids cry out, He rescues. He picks them up, and puts them 'in a broad place.' A place where we can see again, breathe again, rest again.

This and other encourgaing Bible verses say that He wraps His arms around us and delights in us. Rejoice, for in whatever you face, you shall be delivered!


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