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Philosophy Behind Offering Free Christian Wallpapers

God's people have a tradition of physical reminders or symbols of their faith. The Jews are very good at this, using mezuzas and other symbols as reminder of celebrating the divine daily.

God commanded them to bind the the scriptures to their forheads, to their doorposts, to build monuments to what the Lord had done.

This would provide occasions both at their initiative and upon their children asking "what for?" to teach them about the Lords' ways.

These free Christian wallpapers are offered in this tradition. To offer ourselves a physical reminder of what is really important.

I find it a really good strategy to download several of these free Christian wallpapers and use them as a slideshow screensaver.

These Bible wallpapers and Jesus wallpapers are offered free of charge in the hopes that they will be just another one of those reminders of what the priorities of living in the kingdom of heaven is all about.

Thanks for taking the time to look, and if you have suggestionsfor our free Christian wallpapers I would gladly welcome them.