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Bible-Guide-Online was formed as a Christian Home Based Business in 2006 in order to advance the Kingdom of Heaven while providing an income sufficient to free me up to serve God in any way in which He would call me.

I have a dream of being able to stay home to do therapy with my son who suffers a profound brain injury. To have the time to administer the intensive program that will bring him healing. And my dream is coming true.

So what's your story?

What do you dream about being able to do? (Or maybe you're asking the bigger questions about what God is calling you to do? What has He desgined you for? Isn't that what a Christian home based business is really about?)

When was the last time you even took time to pick up the dream God has given you and hold it in your mind and heart for awhile?

What would you do if you had the time...the money...the resources...

We had some friends who are overseas missionaries come home from furlough and they were in need of some new clothes. These are people who have given their lives to promoting the gospel in a extremely rough environment. They do without most of the time.

I wanted to give them a gift card to a nice clothing place so that they could have something to enjoy. You know, just have the joy of giving, of walking up to them and handing them that envelope. Or maybe the secret joy of sending an "anonymous" gift in the mail. Could I do it on the income I make now? Could you? What would you do with income from your own Christian home based business?

Is it Possible?

In word, yes.

You can build a website about your passion, your hobby, your expertise that will help people and build a regular, growing income that helps you down the path God has designed your for. That is the original Christian home based business.

Site-Build-It! walked me through it.

I had no experience building HTML programming, nothing.

Furthermore, I had the naive idea that you could just put up a website and the visitors would pour in.

Wrong. There are billions of websites. So how is yours going to be found?

Site-Build-It gives you the tools to find the search terms people are using. More than that, it gives you the tools to find the search terms people are using plus find the ones that many people are searching for but there is not a very big supply for...

high demand+low supply=a lot of visitors

That's a simplified picture, but the result is true. If you build quality, content filled pages, with the right "hooks" on the page so both humans and search engines like Google can find you, with time, patience, motivation, and the right tools that Site-Build-It give you, you are well on your way to creating a Christian Home Based Business that works and provides you with the income you need.

Or how about this...

What if your real passion, your real hobby, the thing that really excites you was your full time job? Or at least brought you a nice little chunk of income every month?

Almost any niche can work!

Are you a mom looking for a home based income so you can be with the kids?

Or do you work in a machine shop?

Or do you already own a small store and need a web site that gets found (Just having a web site doesn't do you much good if people can't find it...can't match you up with the people looking for your type of product or service)

(SBI can also build the website for you...but more than just put up a website, (any old monkey can put up a website these days...) they can put up a website that bring you the business

Do you like working out?

Do you like to cook?

Do people keep coming to you for answers on a certain subject?

Are you caring for aging parents?

Do you have a child with autism?

Do you want to retire well?

Are you getting the picture? Almost any niche will work. SBI takes you step by step and gives you the tools you need to translate any hobby or experience you have into a web site that gives people the helpful information they need (that is what you search for on the net is information, right?) which gives you the opportunity to pass them on to ideas and products you personally recommend or trust.

And SBI is anti-get-rich-quick. They value hard work and integrity. These are Christian home based business values.

I've just scratched the surface

There's so much more I could tell you know but you need to look into it yourself.

But do yourself a least take the time to find out that anyone with motivation and their own God-given niche can do this.

Yes, you can.

In the mean time if I can help you in any way by answering questions about my experience with SBI! I'd love to...

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