Bible Software Recommendations

Options, Options....

A lot of Bible software options exist. You might get lost in the options indeed...but we've done the work for you, keeping the best and tossing out the rest.

Logos Bible Software. The kingpin, if you will, of Bible software. Has the largest (and I mean huge) selection of modules and add ons. A Mac version is in development, but not yet available. The casual user will want the Christian Home Library 3. The serious student will want Bible Study Library 3. The advanced student or ministry professional will want the Leader's Library 3 or even the Scholar's Library: Logos Bible Software 3. All are available at a very good price from

The Zondervan Scholarly Bible Study Suite for Macintosh is the best option for Mac Users. Produced by Oak Tree Software. The most elegant interface, and text-driven. Available from

Olive Tree Bible Software. The best in PDA Bible software, and available for almost any handheld platform. Don't look elsewhere for PDA bible software. They are the best. Once again, available from

Anything for free?

What about free bible software downloads? Yes, there are some out there, and they're not bad...but one thing you need to keep in mind, and that is since they're free, the free bible software downloads are not going to include some of the more popular Bible versions such as New International Version, English Standard Verions, or The Message Bible.

Since these versions are licensed, you'll never find them for free. If you're even a casual Bible student, you'll want to pick from the versions above.

I understand that there are those who, for now, just don't have the means to purchase Bible software. If that's you, give thanks, for there are a few good free Bible software downloads available. So, always at your service, we've prepared a list for you!

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