Find that Verse with a Bible Concordance

Finding a verse with a online Bible Concordance (literally a "Bible verse finder") is easy and if you know how to use a dictionary you can do it quickly and easily.

To locate a verse you know exists but just can't locate in the bible, follow these simple steps

With a good hardbound concordance:

1) Pick a known word in your verse that is likely to occur the least amount of times in the Bible.

For example, if you were looking for the verses about love that start with "love is patient, love is kind..." look up the word patient or kind. They probably occur a lot less times in the bible than the word love. This will reduce the number of entries you have to search through to find your verse, saving time.

2) Now that we have our word, patient, look it up in the Bible concordance. The words are listed alphabetically, like a dictionary. Once you find your word, notice in the entries that follow your word is listed only with the first letter, then an asterisk, with the words around it fully spelled out.

bible concordance basics

3) Begin scanning through the entries listed until you recognize the familiar words. Look to the left to find the verse reference (where it is located in the Bible itself)

Good job. I told you it was easy.

If you like, you can find your verse even eaiser with an online Bible concordance or Bible software with a search function

1) Instead of one word, you may type in several words and the concordance will greatly narrow the search to the verses that have all of those words. If you have three or more words, you may get only one or two results back! If you have only one word, you will be no further than with a hardbound concordance. So tailor your search accordingly.

2) Unlike a hardbound concordance, an electronic search will list the whole word or words you searched for, but in a different color, with the other words around them in the verse.

Even easier, yes?

Why stop there? Now that you've found the verses and read them, go back to your concordance and find out some other verses about love. There's a lot to explore! It may be overwhelming at first, but with a just a little practice you will really begin to find your way around the bible, and build some knowledge on a given subject.

You will want to keep a written record of verses that say something important that you want to remember. Don't skip this step! it will save you time and impress the thoughts of the verses in a greater way on your mind and heart.

Take your study further and see the guide's article on basic word study with a concordance or other concordance articles listed below!

Don't have a good concordance yet? It is must for all people who want to know what the Bible really says! The guide recommends the Strongest line of Concordances. If you're interested in Bible software, check out our recommendations there (Logos for PC and Accordance for Mac) as well. If you need a quick online concordance search, we've got one for you here!


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