Power Up Your Bible Knowledge: Find a Number of Verses on a Given Theme in the Bible with a Bible Concordance

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A good Bible concordance can do the job to find the right theme verses.

Let's say you want to supplement a Bible Study you are leading with a few extra verses.. Or you need a few verses to put on a notecard for memorization or encouragement in a certain area. ...


1) Look up the base word ("love" once again in this example). If you're using an online bible concordance or Bible Software, we want to look up the single word love this time, because we want more verses, not less, unlike locating a specific verse.

2) Record the references of the verses you like, with a short summary of what those verses are saying by looking them up in a Bible to see the context. This is important! Or actually copy out the portion of the verse you like. Don't forget read the verses both before and after your select verse so that you truly understand what the verse is saying and don't take it out of context. It's extra work but it will pay big dividends down the road.

3) As you find and record verses you like about love in your bible concordance, be aware of other words or concepts that occur frequently with your theme. Write them down. They may be of use later, especially if you move on to the guide's powerful article on developing a broad understanding on a given subject. (For example, you might notice that the Bible talks many times about obedience when it talks about love. You could easily develop this theme into a bible lesson or categorize these verses for applying to your own walk with God)

See, this is easier than you thought!

Once you've become comfortable with the process, you're ready to graduate to our powerful article on developing a broad understanding on a given theme.

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