Bible Concordance Online: Where to Find and Ways to Use this Treasure Trove of Bible Info!

A good Bible concordance online may be the most valuable tool you use in Bible study.

Simply put, a concordance lists words found in the Bible, first alphabetically, then according to the order of the books as they occur in most english Bibles. If you can use a dictionary, your can use a Bible concordance with great results!

A Bible concordance online can help you:

1) Find a particular verse you know exists, but just can't remember where it is.

bible concordance online2) Find a number verses that are centered around a topical word theme (i.e. most of the Bible verses about "love")

3) Find the actual original language words (greek or hebrew) for a word in the Bible and its root meaning (i.e. there are actually three different greek words translated as "love")

4) Develop a broad understanding of what the Bible says on a given theme (very powerful!)

Where to next?

If you're looking for a quick verse our online Bible concordance will do the job. For more exhaustive study I recommend getting your hands on your own hard-bound copy, (I recommend the Strongest Bible concordances, which you can find at Christianbook.)

Or, pick up Bible software that includes a concordance/search function. Check out our top picks for Bible software. A storehouse of information awaits your efforts...